Saturday, April 24, 2010

So Sorry for the Technical Difficulties... But I won for the Week!

Hello all!

Sorry to be posting so late, but Friday night we had an incident with our internet.

Namely AT&T shut it off for no apparent reason. I do have access to the internet at work, but my blog is blocked there, so I've had to wait until I was home again.

So I won for the week! Whoot! Fiona is miiine! I'm a bit bummed that I gained some of the 3 lbs loss from Sunday back, but I also know that a certain amount of daily fluctuation is normal. I'll keep eating healthier, working out, and keep losing weight.

Took some of your advice and took some pictures of my morning walk, around the office building where I work. It really is quite pretty with all the huge trees, and the weather since Tuesday has been gorgeous for walking. In October when the lease is out my bf and I will move about two miles away from here, and I'm hoping I'll be fit enough by then to walk to and from work. Yay saving gas and exercising!

I'll post again later tonight, hafta go to work now to get some much-needed overtime. Seeya!

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