Thursday, June 17, 2010


Went for a 10 mile bike ride on Sunday.  Passed other bikers who were doing over a 100 miles.  I felt very proud of myself for doing the ten!  The heat was horrible!  I also discovered I need a pair of padded riding pants, so I ordered them.  Should be here soon.  On Tuesday we went on a 9 mile ride.  Monday and Wednesday we went swimming.  Today I hope to go for a bike ride or a walk.  We'll see which one my son wants to do.  Anyhow, lost 5lbs.  That is great, but the way I feel tops everything!  I fell great and can't wait to get more exercise!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Long Time Gone

Well the past few weeks have not been great for weight loss.  Had a week where I lost 3lbs then the next week I gained four.  Go figure.  I've talked with my Dr. and I am going to look into getting information on the lapband.  I'm not keen on surgery, however, in order to have a healthy life I need to get this weight off.  For now its about gathering information and then making the best possible choice for me. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

.4 & .8 down this Week

Stina is down .4 this week and I am down .8.  Yeah!  I get to have Fiona!  Ws going to meet Stina tonight but  have come down with a stomach bug and am just not feeling quite myself. 

This week I have exercised a lot.  My son and I have been swimming.  I am up to 17 laps.  I've managed to do what I tell myself I will not do again, tire myself out.  When I'm in the process of exercising I feel great, then a few days later I find myself worn out and overly tired.  Its hard to find the balance of getting enough exercise and not over doing it. 

So, tonight I am going to watch some TV and not ask my husband to go buy me a bag of Doritos.
Remember, I don't have to be perfect, just better.

Monday, May 17, 2010


This past weekend was interesting.  I went to a fund raiser Bunco game on Saturday.  It was held at a bar (not the best location for a bunco game).  They offered a special drink called the Bunco Drink, malibu rum, cranberry juice and a splash of orange juice.  I had two.  Also a basket of fries, which I shared with others (though I must confess I ate most of them).  Did'nt win at Bunco and ended up being tired and hungry afterwards.  Stopped at Taco Bell and had Nachos.  Went home, took a quick nap and then we ordered pizza for dinner.  Apparently this was a day for eating!  Sunday we went to a new restaurant called Wonderful Chinese Restaurant.  It was good, especially the wonton soup and egg roll.  Later at the bowling alley I had a few margeritas.  Today I will work harder to stay on track with food.  I've also been swimming more.  Yesterday did 12 laps, Friday I did 10.  The weather is cloudy and overcast today so I do not think I will swim today.  Instead I will clean house, yuck, and cook dinner.  I will actually cook dinner for the next 3-4 days, trying to get ahead of myself. Now if I can just keep my son from eating everything I cook!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Swimming, Sunshine & Jamba Juice

Have been swimming the past two days.  The water is quite chilly, though if I take the plunge right away and just get to it, it is quite nice.  Noticed last night that I am getting a bit of a sun burn.  Have to dig out the sunscreen and protect myself.  Usually I do not like to sit in the sun, but I've found that it can be really nice.  Just hanging out at the pool with my son, soaking up the rays.  The extra exercise has improved my appetite and helped me to sleep well.  Wonderful exercise! 
Last night I met with Stina.  We have been going to Jamba Juice.  I get the Aloha Paradise (small, approx. 240 calories) with no banana and extra pineapple.  Delicious!  We then went to Barnes & Noble, where I had to make the difficult choice of choosing only one magazine to purchase.  I ended up choosing Belle Amore, as they have some beautiful projects to work on. 
Food wise this week has had its challenges.  Yesterday, my son and I stopped at Dairy Queen and had the chicken and fries basket.  No blizzard though, so I can be glad of small victories.  For dinner I had lowfat popcorn sprinkled with taco seasoning and a couple slices of cheese.  And one beer.  Today I have had a Lean Cuisine Baja wrap.  They are good.  I will continue to make good food decisions today, listening to my body and eating when I am hungry, not just cuz.  No swimming today as I do not have a partner.  Today is a take it easy day, plenty of water, crafting and perhaps a trip to Wal Mart to buy some spray paint.  Remember you don't have to be perfect, just a little bit better!  Carole

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back from the Great Adventure

My trip went well.  Okay, the actual visit went well, getting there and getting home left a little to be desired.  The friends I was traveling with, well, lets just say that when he drove I did an awful lot of praying.  Thankfully he only drove for a bit, then promptly made himself a bed in the back and slept for over 3 hours.  That must of been nice.  I ended up driving a lot more than I had thought I would.  The visit with the family and friends went well.  I was able to reconnect with two friends I had not seen in over 10 years.  My time with my family was some of the best I've had in a long time.  I enjoyed going to restaurants that I had not been to in a while.  Even with all the eating I was only up .2, which I am happy about.  Tonight I meet with Stina and that will be great!  The pic is of me and my Mom at the Mother/Daughter Tea.  We had fun.  Today I am also going to go swimming.  Cold water makes you move faster! 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Under 300. It feels good.

Yep, weighed myself this morning, and since the competition is waiting for Carole to return, I can tell you today!

Current weight- 299.6!!!