Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Beginning

Stina and I have both joined Weight Watchers. I attend weekly meetings and Stina is online.  We created Fiona Faery (The Fat Freeing Fairy) as our inspiration.  The person who loses the most weight each week gets to keep Fiona.  In addition, there is a journal.  The person who has the journal is too write something inspirational, some sort of a tip, a recipe, something that has the potential to inspire the other person.  Our goal with this blog is to share with each other and hopefully lots of others, that weight loss is not a perfect science.  It really comes down to making better choices.  We hope to share with each other and with you inspiration and ways to achieve our goals by making, not perfect, but better choices in our lives in regards to food, exercise and all the rest!   Carole

1 comment:

  1. I applaud you and Thumbs Up, To be successful you need to be consistent, you'll have little backtracks, but just remember to keep going forward. My favorite inspirationally effective quote or saying for me is "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.." Dory in Finding Nemo. in July of 2007 I weighed 444.8 pounds I am down to 249.
    Still swimming. :)