Friday, April 30, 2010

The great thing about Walking

So I won for the week with a loss of 2.2 lbs. The competition will be partially on hold for the next week since Carole will be leaving to visit family, but I'll try my best to still post here and keep everyone updated.

Went for my usual morning walk yesterday, which is around 1.07 miles, and then when I got home my best friend wanted to go for a walk, so we walked another mile around our block in the moonlight, chatting. I love walking with friends more than walking alone, because when you have things to talk about the time goes by so much faster.

My bf and I had our picnic last Sunday. We had turkey cranberry sandwiches, fresh pineapple and canteloupe, potato chips (Mostly for him), and fresh strawberries with Fat Free Cool Whip. Yum! We didn't end up going far, just setting our blanket out in the shady lawn behind our backyard. It was cool and quiet and secluded, and we could look up through the pretty green leaves and see the blue sky. All in all very nice, we've decided to try to do it at least once more before the heat gets too much.

So thats it for now, I have to leave for work soon, I just felt bad for not posting in a while, so I'll try to do another post this weekend. Seeya!


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  1. good job on the walking and your picnic sounds beautiful!