Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pins n Needles----Aches n Pains

Tomorrow is weigh in day.  I'm always nervous until I step on the scale.  I pysch myself up, tell myself that there's more to this journey then what the scale tells me.  I exercised more, I've implemented the 15 minute rule, regardless of what the scale says it's been a good week.  That being said I don't want to lose Fiona!

Today was repair day at our house.  We had a leak in the ceiling and it took 4 hours for them to complete the job ( they did a great job!)  In addition to that my husbands bike is in the shop ( it, and I mean the bike does not go in for a day, oh no, it goes in for a week or two at a time.  Has anyone watched the movie "Oh brother where art thou?".  In the movie George Clooneys character wants some hair pomade and other items.  Everything he wants will take two weeks to get there.  He says that it's amazing that they could be in a place that is two weeks from everywhere.  That's how it is with this bike.  Each part takes forver, or maybe it's only two weeks to get here. K, that's my little vent)  So why did I need the truck?  Our son is taking his phase three of security guard training.  Second half of the class is tomorrow and baton training is Friday.  I get to be chauffeur for the rest of the week.  And I wrote all that to say that I did'nt get my exercise in today and my muscles hurt.  If it does'nt rain tomorrow I will walk to my WW meeting
Remember you don't have to be perfect, just be a bit better.  Carole

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