Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stina- A Nice Walk

Just finished going for an evening walk with my other best friend, Crystle. Everything in the neighborhood was so quiet; I'd never really walked around at all at night. We got whistled at by some teenagers in a sports car, and met a very sweet siamese cat on the sidewalk. Altogether it was a wonderful way to get exercise.

My brother's girlfriend and I went to lunch with my parents at Garcias, a DELICIOUS mexican restaurant. I love this place, and always get the same thing; a chicken margherita burrito. Its grilled chicken and roasted veggies with some sort of green sauce and a little cheese inside a tortilla, grilled and served with rice, beans and jalapeno cream cheese. Soooo yummmy!

To take down the calories (I don't know what the count is but I'm sure its fairly high), I put half the meal in a doggie bag as soon as it was put in front of me. I gave it to my boyfriend who stayed at home.

Didn't get much fruit today. I'll have to try to work some in tomorrow, which is also grocery day this week. Grocery shopping for healthy food is always interesting; I have to balance good quality healthy food with my food budget.

Well, its getting later and I'm gonna play some games with my boyfriend before I go to sleep, so seeya all later.


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